T1 Pro 5G



  • AnTuTu test data is obtained from vivo laboratory and the test device is T1 Pro 5G 8GB + 128GB edition. The data is for reference only. Test results of different memory editions and in different test environments may differ.
  • Performance improvement data is obtained from the official Qualcomm website, which is an improvement over the previous generation Snapdragon® 768g.
  • Functioning 5G is subject to specific carriers’ 5G availability in the local market or region, as well as phone specifications. For more information, please consult your carrier.
  • T1 Pro 5G is equipped with a standard vivo charger (power adapter 11V/6A), and supports up to 66W FlashCharge. The actual charging power is dynamically adjusted as the scene changes, and subject to actual use.
  • Charging data is obtained from vivo laboratory test environment. Test environment: ambient temperature and phone temperature of 25℃±1℃. Test conditions: 1% battery level, all phone services and features are turned off except for voice calls, with screen off, and using a standard-issued official vivo charger and cable. Actual data may vary depending on the test environment, charging situation, initial phone temperature, long-term battery wear, and other factors.
  • 8 Cooling Technologies: 2,097mm² VC, magnesium alloy mainboard top cover, high thermal conductivity gel, heat dissipation copper foil, 0.25mm ultra-thick graphite heat dissipation film on the side of the mainboard top cover, 0.25mm ultra-thick graphite plate on the side of the battery cover, six temperature sensors, intelligent temperature control strategy.
  • Data is obtained from vivo laboratory tests. Actual performance is subject to actual usage and may vary depending on environmental and other factors.
  • 4GB/2GB Extended RAM is achieved through software.
  • Actual available memory is less due to the storage of the operating system and pre-installed apps.
  • By default, Super Loudspeaker mode is switched on. And when it is switched on, continue to tap the volume "+" button when at maximum volume to activate it.
  • 71dB is the average sound pressure level at the screen when five standard pieces of test music are being played, under our standard lab environment. Actual sound level may vary depending on test environment, test software and other factors.
  • The wide-angle lens has a large angle of 117°, and the angle after distortion correction is 108°.
  • Measured diagonally, the screen size is 6.44-inch in the full rectangle. Actual display area is slightly smaller.
  • The product pictures and features shown are for reference only; the images shown on the display screen are simulated, and for demonstration purposes only. Please take actual products as standard.
  • All data is based on our technical design parameters, laboratory test results and supplier test data. Actual performance may vary depending on software version, specific test environment and phone model. All comparisons shown on this page refer to vivo products only.
  • As some specifications, parameters, or parts of the product may vary due to supplier change or different production batches, vivo may update the descriptions on this page accordingly without giving any prior notice. Please read this page carefully before use.
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  • vivo shall perform the following services in Service Day Campaign which could be altered or amended from time to time.
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