ZEISS T* Coating

X60 Pro+ has certified compliance to ZEISS T* coating1, visibly improving light transmission, reducing reflections, effectively avoiding stray light and ghosting and other image artefacts. As a result, the image quality is significantly enhanced.

55W FlashCharge Technology7

With 55W FlashCharge technology, a full power recharge is always within easy reach. No more worries about being caught short.

A Phone in Vegan Leather

Ultra O Screen A Splendid World in Symmetry

A stunning 6.56-inch11 flexible Ultra O Screen presents a feast to your eyes. With a tiny 3.96 mm punch hole12 centered at the top, the display is visually balanced and pleasing, providing you noticeably better viewing and selfie experiences.

  • Composite multi-layer coating on some lenses, nanocrystalline coating on others.
  • GN1 sensor: composite multi-layer coating + nanocrystalline coating.
  • This feature is implemented by local algorithm, and your face data will not be collected.
  • Ultra-wide angle shooting on X60 Pro+ does not require correction for optical distortion.
  • Test score obtained from ARM and Qualcomm’s official promotional materials.
  • Actual available RAM is less than 12GB due to the storage of operating system and pre-installed apps.
  • X60 Pro+ is equipped with vivo standard charger (FlashCharge adapter 11V/5A), and supports up to 55W. The actual charging power is dynamically adjusted as the scene changes, and subject to actual use.
  • Functioning 5G is subject to specific carrier's 5G availability and phone specifications. Please consult your local carrier for more information.
  • By default, the screen refresh rate is set to Smart Switch mode where the refresh rate changes automatically to suit different user scena