The Power Behind Powerful Shots

X60 is integrating vivo ZEISS Co-engineered Imaging System, bringing the ZEISS Imaging quality to smartphones and, making X60's photography function more powerful and adding the famous ZEISS look to your images.

ZEISS Biotar Portrait Style Get That Iconic Bokeh

X60 reproduces intricacies of Biotar lenses, which include the legendary central resolution and the rotation bokeh of Biotar.

Panorama Night Mode

HDR10+ and Hi-Res Certifications Immersive Picture and Sound

X60 boasts of HDR10+ certification for dramatic video display. Hi-Res audio certification completes the package with phenomenal audio performance.

  • Normal and portrait modes only support motion snapshots at 1x zoom.
  • This feature is implemented by local algorithm, and your face data will not be collected.
  • The wide-angle is 108 degrees after correcting for distortion.
  • Performance data obtained from Qualcomm’s official promotional materials.
  • Actual available RAM is less than 12GB due to the storage of operating system and pre-installed apps. An 8GB phone effectively has 8GB + 3GB RAM.
  • Functioning 5G is subject to specific carrier's 5G availability and phone specifications. Please consult your local carrier for more information.
  • By default, the screen refresh rate is set to Smart Switch mode where the refresh rate changes automatically to suit different user scenarios and reduce energy consumption. You can choose between Smart Switch, 60Hz or 120Hz modes in the system settings. In certain gaming scenarios, the sampling rate can go up to 240Hz. In different applications or game interfaces, the screen refresh rate and touch sampli