60x Hyper Zoom Bring Distant Details Closer

X50 Pro's Gimbal camera system comes together with a dedicated periscope lens to achieve unprecedented zooming capabilities. With a 5x optical zoom and a 60x digital zoom, now you can behold the finest details of any subject of interest at really close quarters. It just brings your whole world closer to you!

Superb Night Camera A Million Shades of Night

The Gimbal stabilization system enhances the stability and clarity of night scene photos by extending exposure time through the large F1.6 aperture, and leveraging the AI Noise Cancellation algorithm at the RAW level. The reduced frames taken together with reduced imaging time make every night shot stunningly sharp and crystal clear. Note: IMX598 has 10% more light sensitivity than IMX582.


Pro Sports Mode Capture Moving Subjects like a Pro

X50 Pro's combination of Gimbal stabilization and the custom IMX598 sensor helps you take stunning motion shots due to perfectly adjusted exposure times. The clarity is further enhanced with the Motion Deblur algorithm to reduce any residual blur and give you pose-perfect captures.

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  • 6. Super wide-angle camera is able to capture 108-de