V20 Pro Matte Glass Feel The smoothness

AG Matte Glass adds a subtle luxury to the aesthetic and also provides a comfortable hold. Chemical etching further refines the surface, giving it warmth and making it resistant to scratches. Finally, AF coating protects the phone from fingerprint smears.

Ultra Sleek & Slim The Craft of Simplicity

Delightfully light and surprisingly slim – this new showpiece is design epitome at its very best. 2.5D, 7.39mm (Midnight Jazz) and 170g translate to an unforgettable lightweight hold*.

Mysterious Colors Color Symphonies Inspired by Nature

Multi-Turbo More Updates, More Acceleration

Multi-Turbo has been updated with an optimized ART++ Turbo, and a host of other exciting features. The accompanying performance leap will take your breath away.Game Turbo offers Game Highway feature which creates an express channel for games, and also re-prioritizes computing and memory resources. The overall frame drop rate is reduced by 78.05%.System Framework Optimization (in Center Turbo) effi

  • Disclaimer:
  • 1. 44MP super definition main camera can produce 44MP pictures with 16:11 aspect ratio only.
  • 2. 7.39mm does not include the camera protrusion. The body thickness of the V20 Pro Sunset Melody edition is 7.49mm. Actual dimensions and weight may differ due to variations in processes, measurement method, and material supplies.
  • 3. Measured diagonally, the screen size is 6.44-inch in the full rectangle. Actual display area is slightly smaller.
  • 4. The front Super Wide-Angle camera has a lens angle of 105 degrees, or 103.6 degrees after correcting for distortion.
  • 5. The rear Super Wide-Angle camera has a lens angle of 120 degrees, or 108 degrees after correcting for distortion.
  • 6. Face Beauty supports up to 4K and 30 FPS front camera videos.
  • 7. Three microphones: one main microphone at the bottom; one secondary microphone at the top; and one tracking microphone on the right side of the rear camera.
  • 8. The rear 64MP Super Definition camera system consists of a 64MP main came