About Vivo

Daring to pursue true perfection, while continuously creating the surprising.

Vivo History

“vivo” is an ancient Greek word which means “Live as long as Best”. vivo the brand is owned by Chinese electronic manufacturing giant BBK Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. BBK factory was founded in 1995 and It is headed by Mr. Duan Yong Ping. Then BBK started manufacturing vivo smart phones from 2009, it was registered more than 100 + countries and currently doing their business in China, India, Srilanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Russia, Pakistan, Nepal and Philippines etc., Nearly 5,00,000 People are working direct and indirectly for vivo.

Fangs Technology Pvt. Ltd History

Vivo started their Journey in Tamil nadu with support of Fangs technology Pvt Ltd. The super stockist company which is registered in 2014.Fangs technology started their business with 30 Outlet sales on December, Now Fangs technology crossed more than 4000 outlets in overall Tamil nadu. Fangs technology headed by Kent li. He is the CEO of this company. Currently we have around 16 branch offices in Tamil nadu.

Core Values


Keep a usual mind. Do right things, then try best to do things right.

Don't take advantage on others